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While what we are living through endlessly confounds us all, I would like to offer you a little distraction. Here is what I’ve been doing while noodling about at home.

1. Going out to get milk.jpg

I’m trying to get dressed every morning.

It’s an important morning ritual to lift my mood at the start of the day. Indulging in the freedom to try unsightly outfit combos in homebound privacy feels surprisingly uplifting right now. Comfort is a top priority, so I’ve been slipping into a flowy Alpha 60 dress, a soft velour jumpsuit or a 100% terry towelling vintage smock purchased at my local SWOP store. Somehow my gingham fabric facemask regularly ends up matching what im wearing when I go to the shops. Although, as each drawn out day progresses, I often end up donning baggy sleeping shorts and the stained singlet I moved house in, but hey that’s not a failure… we are all just doing our best.


I feel super lucky to be a visual artist during this time of quarantine.

It brings me bucketloads of joy to make art (at home by myself) for hours on end. I recently opened a solo show at The Third Quarter, an amazing local gallery which has now launched online to provide virtual art exhibitions.

Image: Recent painting ‘Clutter with pumpkin and disco Mary’

Image: Recent painting ‘Still Life Thinking about the Future’

Image: Recent painting ‘Still Life Thinking about the Future’

Strangely, even though I love making, at the moment my brain is a tad too scattered to sustain the attention that my painting practice requires.

It’s hard come up with interesting ideas when art feels like the last thing we are collectively focussing on at the moment. Instead I’m drawn to creative tasks that feel achievable in small pockets of time and are both rewarding and light-hearted.

Between checking the news, wondering if the government has processed my Centrelink claim yet and conjuring up what to cook, I have been feeling calm through repetitive activities like gardening, sewing or drawing as well as trying my hand at ceramics with some (very flaky) air drying clay. These tasks are ideal because you can throw down your tools halfway through that over enthusiastically initiated project without a complicated pack up.

It’s also really important to remember, you DO NOT have to identify as an ‘Artist’ to make art and be creative. You also don’t have to ever show anyone or post the outcomes of your creative ventures on social media if you don’t want to. Make stuff because you are bored. Make stuff because you are curious. Make stuff because it feels good.

Image: Ink drawing on cotton clothing.

Image: Ink drawing on cotton clothing.

Image: Scribble dress and handmade ceramics.

Image: Scribble dress and handmade ceramics.

I have recently unearthed my eternal box of clothes that are too spicy to get rid of but just don’t hit the spot anymore.

Some of the 30-minute increments of my isolation attention span have been devoted to scribbling, drawing, spray painting, cutting and sewing those old items into wacky new creations. I’ve been inspired by the likes of Niamh Galea, Claire Barrow and the Diaspora range.

Whether or not my collaged garments see the light of the post-COVID-19 world is beyond the point, there is a catharsis that comes from re-working (upcycling lol) old things. It’s just a bonus that in doing so you’re avoiding buying new stuff, participating in the fast fashion industry or spending your dosh.


During this tumultuous time, I’ve been checking in (virtually) to see what my go-to local businesses are doing and how I can still support them (e.g. new online stores, takeaway menus and delivery options).

It’s important to not resort to giving more money to big companies now access to the small businesses is limited. Consider buying your veggies, clothes, records, takeaway meals and supplies locally to support your community. SWOP is doing daily Instagram sales via their stories and even if you don’t have the funds to buy them it’s stunning to see some the super styling the team has conjured up.


Here are some other mini activities I’ve been doing:

— Used acrylic paint to decorate spotlight canvas and then sew into this harlequin print cushion. (pictured below)
— I bought a razor to potentially shave my legs and underarms for the first time in months… we will see how long that takes.
— Bought a stunning Bulley Bulley the Label top and had it delivered by hand. (pictured left)
— Made some garden beds with my housemates.
— Cleaned and re-decorated my house 1000 times.
— I’ve thought about exercising but didn’t.
— Read an interesting essay The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein.
— Spent way too long learning photoshop and mucking around with these photos.
— Wished I owned a dog.

Stay safe,
Miri X