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With a bit more time to burn - I went down the same path many people have in search of a hobby or something to chew up time productively.

I tried baking once and failed miserably, thought I’d leave that to the SWOP cooking angels Mikki and Grace. I started reading more books, watching movies I’d always said I would, learnt No 13 baby on bass, gardened, zoomed friends (also realised I hate zooming friends), I went on a few walks... blah blah.


Just before sh*t hit the fan in the world I was going to my grandmas to learn the basics of sewing.

She taught me how to thread my machine, thread a bobbin, and make my very first dress!

Photo: Imogen Doyle

Photo: Imogen Doyle

The thing I’ve found I love so much about sewing is the quality time I have been able to spend with my grandma and mum and the conversations it’s started with other family members and friends. I feel incredibly lucky to have these special memories with special people in my life.

Photo: Haydn Hall

Photo: Haydn Hall

Photo: Haydn Hall

Photo: Haydn Hall

Working at SWOP means that I am in contact with incredible vintage and designer pieces every day.

It’s so exciting to go through a bag and find all the special gems. I’ve always had a massive appreciation for fashion and how it makes me feel when I wear it but I value now more than ever the craftsmen-ship and skill that goes into creating something. But also... the fact that hand sewn garments made 60+ years ago come into the shop still intact, in perfect condition is pretty bloody incredible! 

Anyway! Enough about that, here are a few things I’ve made & repurposed during ISO for friends and myself:


If I’m not listening to my fav poddy (I Know My Truth) or a 1 hour Basinski track - here are some songs that in my humble opinion slap hard and make me oonst through a 6 hour solo sewing party.

*please be aware that there is no continuity and shuffling is your only option..

Look after the ones and things you love!
Love Sophie X