Before you come in

Before You Come In


Before you bring in any items:

  • 1. Prep your SWOP bag/box
  • 2. Check the Exchange Booth schedule

SWOP Bag/Box (Size, Weight & Presentation)+

We accept:

  • ONE bag/box per quote. This is typically up to 40 items
  • Max size: 50x50cm
  • Max weight: 8-10kg
  • This ensures your SWOP bag/box can be carried safely by you and our staff

We recommend:

  • Presentation counts!
  • Wipe down shoes and accessories so they look their best
  • Fold items neatly
  • Remove hangers and shoeboxes

Exchange Booth Schedule+

Check your local store’s Exchange Booth Schedule. We encourage you to make appointment during these times or just walk on in. Please note that our Store Hours are NOT the same as our Exchange Booth Schedule.

Do I Have To Come In?+

We need to see the items in person to ensure they meet our criteria. You can choose to either book an in-store appointment or send your items in via courier company Sendle.