Exchange booth process

Exchange Booth Process


Please allow 3 hours for us to prepare a quote for you.

Waiting Time +

Up to 3 hours, depending on the queue. The merchandiser in-store will give you an estimate at time of drop off. You may like to browse the store, go out for lunch, or run some errands … just be back by the end of the day.

Read more about why we need up to three hours to go through your items here.

IMPORTANT: You must return same day. Any items not collected will be donated to charity.

The Full Process +

Step 1:

Visit the Exchange Booth Look for the “Exchange Booth” sign.

Step 2:

Queue A friendly merchandiser will take your bag and place it in the queue.

Step 3:

Register We record a few basic details so we can identify you and record all incoming stock. This is also for security reasons (we can’t accept goods in exchange for money without ID from the owner of the goods). You’ll also need to read and sign our T&Cs.

Step 4:

Wait The merchandiser will give you an estimated wait time.

Step 5:

Receive an Offer If any of your items are eligible, the merchandiser will calculate our SWOP Retail Price. We’ll offer 50% of the value as store credit or 30% as cash. *For a limited time, items that we value over $249 will be offered 40% cash.

Step 6:

Accept or Reject You are free to accept or decline our offer.

  • If you accept, you’ll be paid instantly in cash or store credit.
  • If you decline, you can keep your items. You can repurpose them (e.g. sell them at a local market, gift to a friend, cut into cleaning cloths) or SWOP can donate them your behalf to our social enterprise, Local Opy.

How We Pay You (Example Transaction) +

Once we’ve calculated our SWOP Retail Price, we will offer you two options:

  • 30% of that value as cash. This is cold, hard cash straight to your pocket! For cash payments $400+, you may be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.
  • 50% of that value as SWOP credit. This can be used just like cash at any SWOP store location. Valid for 3 years from date of issue.

Example transaction: We wish to sell your dress for $40(our SWOP Retail Price).

We’ll offer you:

  • 30% of the SWOP Retail Price as cash (i.e. $12)
  • 50% of the SWOP Retail Price as credit (i.e. $20 SWOP credit)

Your Average Earnings +

Per eligible item, you’ll typically earn:

  • $5–$25 in cash
  • $10–$50 in SWOP credit

Ineligible Items +

Please don’t take it personally if SWOP doesn’t make an offer on your items! We have strict criteria and our merchandisers can provide feedback if you wish. They can also let you know if any items are worth bringing back at a later date if it happens to be a seasonal issue or related to our stock levels. For items that didn’t meet our SWOP criteria (we couldn’t buy them from you), there are two great options:

  • Repurpose: You can hold onto the un-sold clothes and repurpose them. For example, sell them at your local market, gift to a friend, cut into cleaning cloths, etc.
  • Donate: We can donate the un-sold clothes to charity on your behalf. In Brisbane, you can choose for us to donate them to our beloved social enterprise Local Opy.

Can I Sell Back Items That I Bought At SWOP? +

In most cases, yes! However, once again, we will buy according to condition, brand, season, style, and store stock levels.