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About Us

In 2013, we opened the very first bricks-and-mortar clothing exchange in West End, Meanjin/Brisbane. Today, although our business has expanded to multiple locations and online, our guiding principle remains: our clothing could and should be more valuable to each of us.

Our ever-growing network aims to disrupt the wasteful practices of the current fashion industry at large by offering an alternative.

Thank you for supporting us so we can continue building something special in our small-but-important corner of the fashion industry.

Newtown, Warrang/Sydney store

Quality: second-hand items, service

We offer a same-day buying and exchange service, and purchase items directly from our customers - offering an alternative to traditional consignment stores. It's our priority to resell garments that are high-quality. Think: something in good enough condition to gift a best friend.

Our qualified buyers purchase clothing and accessories based on what is currently on trend and we know will sell. SWOP's inventory is highly curated and seasonal, so we consider the cut, colour, and fabric as well as the condition. We only buy clothes that are clean and in great condition.

It's especially important to us that we're contributing to the circular fashion economy by extending the life-cycle of garments as long as possible; garments that can be re-worn and re-loved again and again and again.

We buy and sell items based on quality and what is currently on trend

Integrity: sustainable, responsible, transparent

Avoiding fast fashion, buying quality garments that reflect an ethical labour force in their pricing, caring for garments to extend their life cycle as long as possible, and repurposing garments to give them a new life before donating to charity or sending them to landfill.

Our business provides an opportunity for customers to join the circular fashion economy. Circular fashion is when garments are produced with the intention of being used as long as possible, and then returned to the biosphere/recycled when they can no longer be used. We fit into that eco-system by providing a platform for high-quality garments to circulate sustainably.

Our pricing structure is fair and transparent; our customers can make an informed decision on whether or not to accept our offer. At the SWOP buying booth, we give each garment a grade between 'fair' and 'mint' conditions. This grade helps us decide the resale value and in turn, how much cash or credit you receive. We have buyers working behind the scenes to ensure our digital pricebook is up-to-date so the exchange is fair.

For extra special pieces, we take the time to research its value independently to ensure it's a good deal for you, us, and the next lucky owner.

Connection: team, customers, community

A key part of the SWOP process is engaging in an ongoing discussion with their community around consumption practices, and encouraging customers to make ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

We also aim to provide a flexible, fun and supportive workplace to our team, ensuring SWOP is a great place to work.

SWOP also strives to foster community partnerships with young creatives and like-minded organisations such as not-for-profits. You can learn more about our social enterprise Local Opy.

Seala in vintage Dior

Inclusivity: all walks of life, affordability

SWOP is a female-founded business, aiming to provide an experience that is safe, judgement-free and welcoming to any person who enters our stores or digital spaces. We are passionate about providing an accessible space to anyone and everyone.

We endeavour to stock our stores with items for all bodies, striving for inclusivity and encouraging people from all walks of life to get involved in the SWOP process.

We provide our community with a way to shop that is not only socially and environmentally responsible but also affordable, by offering a range of modern, vintage and designer pieces to suit every price point.