• Local Opy is SWOP’s very own op shop that donates 100% profits to charity. Each serve different purposes while working harmoniously with each other.

    Local Opy was a natural progression for SWOP. We were already making donations to our local opportunity shop, and we too wanted a space that people could go to for a trendy bargain. But more so, we wanted to support the charities we believe in.

    For items that aren't quite fit for us to resell at SWOP, you have plenty of options:

    Sell: Try selling your items online using Depop, Vestiaire Collective, Ebay, Facebook marketplace, or at a local market.

    Repurpose: Gift to a friend, upcycle, cut into cleaning cloths.

    Donate: We can donate the un-sold clothes to charity on your behalf. In Brisbane, you can choose for us to donate them to our beloved social enterprise Local Opy.

    Shop 5, 162 Boundary St, West End


    Apply to be supported by Local Opy here

For January, February & March 2024 we will be donating profits to Unicef: Children of Gaza Crisis.

In the face of an escalating crisis, UNICEF continues to care for children in need by providing food, medicine and educational resources.

Unicef: Children of Gaza Crisis

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