If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at SWOP, this is your chance for a peek into the Buying Booth process, and why we need to spend quality time with your garments once you drop them off to exchange for cash or credit.  



We Inspect Everything Closely

This includes checking the status of each seam, button, bead and cuff. We also check inside and out for stains, smells and to see how the fabric’s ageing.This is why:

1. It’s our priority to resell garments that are high-quality. Think: something in good enough condition to gift to a best friend.

2. We give each garment a grade between ‘fair’ and ‘mint’ conditions. This grade helps us decide the resale value and in turn, how much cash or credit you receive. This is all entered into our system as a quote, so if you choose to accept our offer, it’s good to go!


    For extra special or high value pieces, we take the time to research its value to ensure it’s a fair deal for you, us, and the next lucky owner.  

    Same Day Service

    While we do take time to meticulously go through your SWOP drop-off, it's our policy that pick-up is the same day. This is to ensure the SWOP process is seamless for not only you, but also us.  

    There Might Be A Queue

    Our Buying Booths are open 10am to 4pm daily. Depending on what time you bring your items in, there might be a queue of drop-offs in front of yours. This will affect your wait time. To make the process more convenient for our community, we’ve recently launched Seller Assistant: our online booking and quotation tool.

    Why all the Fuss?

    Our experienced buyers spend time with each SWOP drop-off to ensure a fair experience for everyone in our community, all to extend the life of clothes and contribute to a more sustainable fashion economy.

    Come and visit us in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We look forward to seeing you in store soon!